Data & Process Organization Wizard

Banishing Errors and Enchanting Data Processes


Are you still pushing paperwork in the office? Collecting data with a pen and paper and a form? Let me help you bring it into the electronic world and securely and safely store all of that information, while allowing for the easy, and automated, generation of any number of reports. Throw the paper away and I will build a web portal entry form that can be used on any number of devices and locations.

Do you have an old, outdated, custom system that no longer is maintained and holding back your ability to upgrade your computers and software? I can help to rebuild it in a newer, more robust system that can be modified to meet your changing needs.

If you have stacks of paperwork sitting around, setting up an electronic storage system and digitizing those documents will save you storage space but also secure those documents for the future. They can't be harmed by aging or disasters and can safely be viewed or reproduced any time you need them. They can also be strongly encrypted so only you can see them.

Let me talk to you about your documenting, data, and processes and see how I can help you better utilize what you have and make your processes more efficient and secure. I offer over 25 years of experience in databases and software development. Talk to me about your needs and let’s work out a solution that fits within your budget. I pride myself in my ability to communicate without the technical jargon and can quickly understand a problem and the fix that is needed for your individual solutions.