LINUX Administrator • Full Stack LAMP Developer • Database Designer


Database Designer and Developer, with over 25+ years of experience across a variety of platforms and systems. Installing and administrating LINUX servers for multiple purposes both large and small scale. Using both waterfall and agile development cycles, along with implementing version control methodologies and systems. Committed to a strong work ethic and discipline while working remotely for over 30 years. Strives to constantly expand knowledge base and keeping informed of new trends and technologies.


Notable Accomplishments

  • Created, designed, and developed a website for managing historical weather data and generating a variety of reports with this data. (
  • Created, designed, and developed a website for collecting and sharing family photos and ancestry information. (
  • Developed a website for the California Secretary of State in conjunction with MapLight where users can access state level campaign finance records. (
  • Created a variety of large scale in-house custom data management tools for multiple users saving researchers and technical staff many hours of labor.
  • Designed, developed and administered many large relational database systems for a variety of purposes storing millions of records.
  • Built an extensive REST API management tool with both XML and JSON methods available, along with detailed user control and bandwidth limitations.



  • "It would not be possible for me to overstate both Project Vote Smart's dependence on, or admiration and respect for Mr. Krejci's abilities. Mr. Krejci comes to you with my highest recommendation." -- Richard Kimball, President, Project Vote Smart (2000)
  • "Appreciate your passion for always finding the best solution for technical issues that arise and your ability to juggle multiple tasks." -- Leon Smith, Technical Director, MapLight (2017)



The Weather History Reporter Website, Feb 2021 - present: Designer, Developer, and Administrator

The Weather History Reporter is a site for viewing and sharing historical weather observations. I have designed, developed, and maintain this site and administer it's services and cloud systems.

ItsYourKin Website, Apr 2014 - present: Designer, Developer, and Administrator

itsYOURkin is a place where you can store all of your family photos and ancestry information in one place. You can connect all your photos to people, places and dates and organize them in any number of ways and quickly find that elusive photo you've been looking for. I have designed, developed, and manage this site along with administrating it's servers and cloud servers.

Readyworks, Based in New York; Remote Position, Mar 2022 - present: Full Stack Developer

  • Create new and maintaining existing application features and modules.
  • Create new and maintaining existing Docker containers for current and future deployment needs.
  • Troubleshoot and remediate issues and bugs.
  • Write PHPUnit or equivalent test scripts for automated code and feature testing.
  • Assist with escalations for End-User Support which consists of all phase support from requirements gathering through post-deployment support.

SOCi, Based in San Diego, CA; Remote Position, Aug 2018 - Jul 2021: Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Coding and maintaining components of their marketing SaaS site. Manage projects and build components in agile slices within a mob programming team.

  • Works with product manager to build specifications and determine technical feasibility of desired features.
  • All work is done as a team, with two other people, designing together and swapping out roles through the day.
  • Working with full stack system using PHP and combinations of a variety of frameworks and custom routers.
  • Front end work using Backbone.js.
  • Database work in a large mySQL configuration.
  • Job is fully remote, and working with team members all over the world.
  • Company moto: Number one job is to learn; Number two job is to teach.

MapLight, Based in Berkeley, CA; Remote Position, Jul 2011 - Jun 2018: Systems and Database Administrator, Developer

Sets up and maintains servers and services. Design, develop and maintain databases, applications, and internal process scripts.

  • Designed, developed and implemented an in-house system for researchers to work with various databases and to manage many internal reports and scheduling of the data processing saving hours of technical team development and creating the ability to generate just in time delivery of reports for the research department.
  • Built an in-house system to help keep the software development flow in order and easier for various developers to manage their changes saving many hours of developer time and allowing for less queuing and wait time for code pushes.
  • Developed a PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/HTML/CSS3 application used by the State of California for searching and accessing millions of candidate contribution records.
  • Analyzed a variety of large data sets and designed large, relational databases to easily manage, access and develop from data sets containing millions of records.
  • Collaborated to create both user and technical specifications for technical projects within the organization.
  • Worked in all areas of the technical department from user support to full stack development.

VenKre System, Inc., Portland, OR, Jan 2000 - Dec 2012: Owner/Partner

VenKre Systems was a small web and e-mail hosting for a small base of clients. While running my own webserver, several friends and colleges desired websites too, at some point we just incorporated and hosted their sites. While there is a vision for the company, and a drive to move it forward, we have focused our time in other areas for now.

National Institute on Money in State Politics, Based in Helena, MT; Remote Position, Dec 2000 - Apr 2011: IT Director, Developer

Developed and maintained all data applications in the organization. Developed and managed external website along with a suite of in-house tools for researchers to manage a large dataset of campaign finance data from all 50 states.

  • Analyzed campaign finance data from dozens of different sources and created a large MySQL relational database to manage tens of millions of records with millions of new records added each year and thousands of daily changes.
  • Developed an in-house web based system for researchers to group and edit this large database from a variety of different computers as both PCs and Macs were used by office personnel increasing greatly increasing their efficiency and "turn around" times.
  • Developed the dynamic side of their website with PHP and SQL queries from a set of static html and css files which had been designed by an outside firm.
  • Designed and developed a series of public REST API methods with a variety of security controls and limitations and internal user administration system.

Project Vote Smart, Based in Corvallis, OR; Boston, MA; Philpsburg, MT; Remote Position, Feb 1992 - Nov 2000: IT Director, Developer

Developed the company's first in-house program enabling phone operators to look up data and grew it into a full-featured website with a large data management system.

  • Designed and developed an internal data management tool that allowed dozens of volunteers to maintain an extensive database on thousands of politicians in all 50 states, making this information available to voters.
  • Drove the organization's move to an online presence and continued that growth through rapidly changing technologies.
  • Developed a full membership and donation tracking system for their nearly 50,000 members.
  • Served on the board as a member of the Executive Committee from March 2000 until December 2006.



  • Linn Benton Community College - 1985/86: Computer and business classes.



  • Ability and experience to develop projects in a large variety of programming languages and platforms.
  • Mobile application experience and responsive design development using CSS3 and also using Bootstrap 3 and 4 within a programming framework.
  • Large and small database experience in MySQL and other relational databases and in nosql databases.
  • Extensive web development while adapting to a great many changes in the technologies.
  • Cloud based services.
  • LINUX server installation and administration.
  • Full cycle development experience and management.
  • REST API developer, both XML and JSON.
  • Ability to quickly grasp the needs of a problem and develop a workable solution.
  • Developed and marketed several commercial programs and websites.